Change 48 is crafted to pull people up above their personal situation. You'll finally understand why things happen the way they do. And what you can do to ..

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Change 48,

Your Life Navigation System

Change 48 is a life navigation system based on the collective life experience of three different people.

It is made for everyone who has ever felt stuck, does not understand what is going on in their lives, and why.

Change 48 is designed to raise people above their personal situation.

You will experience why things happen in a certain way and what you can do to gradually make complicated things simple.

Why we do it?

We want to make the world a better place for everyone. People are afraid of death, but the problem is a meaningless life.

We believe the biggest impact happens through enabling people to live a meaningful life.

Those are then able to change the world and pass their legacy onto the next generations.

We believe in the totality of change with happiness at its core.

Who are we and what brought us here?

We are Milan, Anna and Libor
CEO of a global educational organization, personal advisor and former aero-space engineer, respectively.

Together, we have spent over six years:
  • Carrying out a variety of projects for both international companies and non-profit organizations
  • Supporting people through their struggles by educating and providing advice
  • Leading diverse, international teams that consist of people with 25+ different nationalities
  • Solving conflicts among people with opposite interests
The three of us have always shared a common goal: How to help others find fulfillment.

While working together, we realized that we had similar responses to many crucial questions, such as:
  • How can you find meaning in your professional life?
  • How can you help to make the world a more sustainable place?
  • How can you shape the world to become more in line with your vision for the future?
  • ..
The three of us had helped thousands of people to answer those questions — each in totally different contexts. Look at just a few examples about how we did it.
  • Milan
    Powerful Vision Instructor
    Leader of a global non-profit team of 25+ nationalities based in South and North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania

    Public speaker across 3 continents

    Author of Becoming the Highest Example, a book explaining the universal beyond-cultural leadership principles

    Conducted 1000+ business meetings during his 10-year professional career in the financial sector
  • Anna
    Compassionate Personal Adviser
    15 years of private consultations with people from 25+ countries on 3 continents

    Leader of a team of 20+ members remotely in non-for-profit sector

    Specialist in understanding women-majority teams

    Strategist for professional profiling and job/university applications and interviews
  • Libor
    Harmonious Systems Builder
    Former aero-space engineer working on projects connected with the European Space Agency

    6+ years of creating sustainability on a human level with focus on team culture, vision and values

    Former HR lead of an international non-for-profit organization

    Father of two boys

Change 48 is a life navigation system based on our collective life experience


What others say about Change 48

It can really change lives and help you achieve your goals if you start using the principles.”
“The most valuable thing I took away from [Change 48] was realizing some of the mistakes I make in my life and [when] leading the team. Of course, I know about some of them, but it was good to realize how important they can be and how they can limit me in everything. It was also motivating to find that it is possible to really change many things and improve oneself.”
Easy to understand, yet colourful”
"[I've spent] 2 days of [a] very unusual combination of useful information. It is very useful for leaders/managers — but not only [them]. It opened a lot of internal doors to different new questions [for] myself, [and] different new ideas."
"[Change 48] is really beautiful and inspiring. Good luck to you. Thank you for your activity and inspiration of what a new world can look like."
"[With Change 48,] I felt good, interested and inspired, confident that you can know how to change things you want.”
“Super practical examples from life, how the individual principles can be used, [and] where these situations can be encountered.”
"[Change 48] helped me to clarify my life vision and how to approach changes I want to make."
"[Change 48] gave me answers to some [crucial] questions."
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